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Okiok is releasing version 4.10.3 of S-Filer/Portal™.

This release is mainly a bug fixes release and does not introduce new feature in the product.


  • There are no new features introduced in this minor release.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Extension management screens were improved to give a better perspective of where those extensions are being used.

  • When updating the signature after an extension script has changed, the signature will be updated for all extensions which use the same script.
  • CSV reports were improved to increase the amount of information available. Previous CSV reports were omitting information and mixing different type of data in the same column.
  • Minor security enhancements following internal revision.

Known Issues

  • A problem has been identified with the user quota management. The quota identified for a specific user is not being consider. This problem only applies to user quotas. Community quotas work as expected.


This section describes an update from 4.10.2

  • This update does not involve any database schema changes.
  • This update does not changes UI themes.
  • This update does not change the email templates.

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